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The Process 


The Roxie Woodworks shop is where the entire process takes place; from stacking the slabs and drying to intricate, detailed joinery and final sanding. 

The shop also fosters the usage of both large, motorized equipment such as a 16" jointer, 24" bandsaw, tablesaw, and planer, and the traditional usage of hand planes, hand saws, and chisels. Every tool has a task. 




At Roxie Woodworks all of our materials are locally sourced southern hardwoods. While primarily from Mississippi, some trees are obtained from Louisiana, Tennessee, and Alabama. All of the logs we use are removed only for reasons of health or marginalized stability near homes or businesses. Roxie Woodworks discourages the unnecessary removal of healthy trees. 

Commonly used tree species include: walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore, cypress, osage orange, oak, elm, and heart pine. 

Once obtained, the logs are milled into slabs and then carefully stacked and allowed to air dry for a minimum of two years. The slabs are dried to a moisture content of 7-12% before they're ready to be shaped into beautiful, handcrafted furniture.  

Much time and attention to detail are required to build Roxie Woodworks pieces and the finished product reflects those ideals. 



I grew up in Mississippi- the middle of three brothers and an 8th generation Mississippian. Our family has long had ties to the woods: my grandfather owned a lumber mill in the small town of Roxie Mississippi, and he built his home from wood produced at his mill. My great-grandfather also owned a mill.  

At the age of seven I began teaching myself how to hand craft solid wood longbows, and, at the age of sixteen I was admitted as the youngest ever member of the Mississippi craftsmen's guild. I am now a lifelong member. 

After working for the US forest service in Colorado and Montana during college, I moved to Seattle, WA and worked as a carpenter and a craftsman. 

While working in Seattle I met and married my wife, Katey. Once married our hearts warmed to the idea of moving south and opening a small business doing what I love...building heirloom furniture from local trees otherwise relegated as firewood or, even worse, destined for a landfill. Oxford, Mississippi was a natural fit for Katey and me and upon moving the vision started to become a reality. Roxie Woodworks was born. 

Today, I look forward to work. Creativity and hard, physical work drive me, and creative ideas challenge me. Each piece is a natural work of art, and my job is to reveal that art through the skills of my own hand. 

...John Haltom, Dec. 2015